My name is Nicola Fairey and I am a qualified teacher B.Ed (Hons). In 1993 I established a Steel Band in the school I was working in. With the help of several different pan teachers including Dexter Joseph and Europe's top pan woman, Rachel Hayward, it became an instant success with the children, parents, teachers and many organisations who hired us to play for them.

I'm playing the bass pans, back right. Chessington 1998

In May 2005 I decided I would like to buy my own set of pans and teach the children in my local area, so that they could experience the excitement of playing in their own band.

I have taught children from the following schools:

Oakfield Junior, The Dawnay School, Eastwick Junior. The Howard of Effingham, Therfield School, City of Freemans, The Priory and St. Teresa's.  
























Who am I ?

From September 2007 to 2010 I had an adult group who performed at a variety of events from local village celebrations to charity fund raising evenings at the South African Embassy in Trafalgar Square! (See Pantastic Players 

I also taught a group of Senior Children called "Pandemonium" until July 2015 and their Reserve Group called "Steelicious" until 2014. The next Senior Group called "Pantasia" were succeeded by "Steelonium" in June 2017.

I have an adult performing group called "Panache" who can be hired for events.

At present the Pantastic Steel bands include 6 adult groups and 3 children's groups.

























Not only did I need a set of Pans, but I also needed something to transport them in so I purchased a van from Grayswood Vans. Thanks to my dear friend Maggie's husband John it was altered to become "Steel Pan Friendly"

I now have a new van, an old Post Office van, with 7 seats which will take all of the band. Click here to see further details