Thanks !!   


There are so many people to thank for helping me make my dream come true but here is a list of all those to whom I shall be forever grateful !

God -


for the inspiration,strength and love and all the miracles that have happened along the way.


My Family -


for the encouragement,love and being proud. I love you.


Jane Wright -


for saying "Yes" when I asked her for a Steel Band.


"Tweed" -


for his enthusiasm, encouragement and pans !


Parris -


for his beautiful Tenor Pans and support.


Tony Charles -


for my gorgeous purple basses.


Brad Shores -


for sharing his music with me.


Mark Slater -


for arranging music for me.


The Schools -


for seeing the vision and saying "Yes".


Maggie Richardson -


for giving me love and encouragement and being my best friend.


John Richardson -

for making my van "Steel Pan Friendly" !


And all the companies I have encountered along the way and been sooooooooo helpful.

I would highly recommend them all !!

Impact Signs


Grayswood Van Sales


Indespension  Fab. Sack Barrow !!