Charity ............ begins at home .

I have been blessed with the most amazing and exciting business where I can work everyday doing something I love .

Therefore I would like to donate a percentage of my earnings from any outside events that the Steel Pans are invited to towards a charity.

Charity  News !!





 We started sponsoring a little girl in Kenya, Africa called Elizabeth in 2010. Follow her by  (clicking here)


Another £100 raised

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Total so far = £5860.41

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Thanks to the generosity of the people who have hired "Pantastic" these are the charities we have collected for:





World Vision                


Click here to see our 1st charity

Facing the World             


Click here to see our 2nd charity



Click here to see our 3rd charity

Cancer Research


Cancer Research UK

Click here to see our 4th charity

The Caron Keating Foundation


Click here to see our 5th charity

HCPT - Group 26


hcpt logo and link to hq website

Click here to see our 6th charity

Beacon Hill School


Click here to see our 7th charity

Out of Afrika

180 p.a

Click here to see our 8th charity

Make a Wish


Click here to see our 9th charity

Magic Breakfast


magic breakfast : fuel for learning

Click here to see our 10th charity

The Royal Marsden


Click here to see our 11th charity

Little Princess Trust


Click here to see our 12th charity

Cancer Research


Cancer Research UK

Click here to see our 13th charity

Emily Ash Trust


Click here to see our 14th charity

Leukemia and Lymphoma Research


Click here to see our 15th charity

British Association for Music Therapy


Click here to see our 16th charity

Batten Disease Family Association


Click here to see our 17th charity

Seventeenth Charity - Batten Disease Family Association

The Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA) is a national charity which aims to support families, raise awareness and facilitate research into the group of devastating neurodegenerative diseases commonly known as Batten Disease.

I was made aware of the charity as one of the sister's of one of my pupils sadly suffered from the disease.


Sixteenth Charity - British Association for Music Therapy

The British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT) is the professional body for music therapists and a source of information, support and involvement for the general public.

Music therapy is an established clinical discipline which is widely used to help people whose lives have been affected by injury, illness or disability.

British Association for Music Therapy


Fifteenth Charity - Leukemia and Lymphoma Research

Jon was doing another cycle ride for charity and since it was one close to our hearts I decided we would put our latest £100 towards it. The London Bikeathon is 52 mile round trip starting at Ham House going via the Thames Barrier.


Fourteenth Charity - Emily Ash Trust

Another charity which organised for Joanna to go up to Topshop in London in a limousine with £500 spending money was the Emily Ash Trust so we gave our latest £100 to them.

Thirteenth Charity - Cancer Research UK


Eleventh and Twelfth Charities - Little Princess Trust and The Royal Marsden

As a thank you to the charities which helped us most when Joanna had Cancer we held a special fund raising day in St. Nicholas Churchyard in Bookham. Click here to see the day.

Tenth Charity - Magic Breakfast

Continuing with the theme of helping children in Britain I chose to support "Magic Breakfast", having heard about them on Radio 4. "Magic Breakfast" delivers free, healthy breakfast foods to UK primary schools with more than 50% free school meals.  Why? Because in each one of those schools, children start the day too hungry to learn.

To view a short film about Magic Breakfast please click here. 

Thanks to all the generous people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:


Ewell Village Fair - Ewell

Celia Cross Greyhound Trust - Clandon

Caribbean Barbecue - Imber Court, East Molesey

Wedding Reception - Kingswood

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Ninth Charity - Make a Wish


Joanna asked if we could sponsor a child in the UK when I started looking into child sponsorship. Due to the huge costs involved I thought it would be impossible, but compromised on the idea by agreeing that she could choose a child based charity for the next £100.

She chose "Make a Wish".

Click here to see the thank you letter

Make-A-Wish grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses.

At any given time, over 20,000 children in the UK are living with life-threatening conditions. In 2010, around 1,000 children will turn to us to have their special wish granted.


Thanks to all the generous people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:

Greenfield School, Woking

Private Party, Sunningdale

West End Farm, Goddards Green

Ewell Village Fair

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Seventh Charity - Beacon Hill School - North Tyneside

Joanna playing with Hannah in Cornwall




See article in

School Newsletter

Beacon Hill School was opened in 2008 following an amalgamation of two smaller schools for children with disabilities.  Beacon Hill caters for children and young people aged 2 to 19 with autism spectrum disorders and severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties.  In a recent ofsted inspection the school laws commended for its outstanding leadership and was describe as a place where the children are happy, thriving and safe.

Friends of  Beacon Hill are a registered charity set up in Nov 2008.  Its aim is to raise money for the school to enhance and enrich the children's time at school. 

Friends of Beacon Hill have worked tirelessly since forming and has raised £1700 from a variety of events including the traditional school tea towel, tombola's, raffles and Easter disco for the children.

Currently the Friends of Beacon Hill have completed a sponsored walk along the coast at Whitley Bay, they also have a team entered into the Great North Run and are busy planning and preparing for the Christmas Fayre.  The money raised from all events to date is to be used to purchase a new sound system for the school.  This will enable the children to participate in a new singing and signing club as well as enhancing music lessons and school productions.  As music is something that all children present in the school can benefit from.  The Friends have made this music system purchase their first priority.

Hannah, my niece, Joanna's cousin goes to Beacon Hill . Here she is having fun at the school.

For an update on what the school is using the money for click here

Thanks to all the generous people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:


Scout Hut Opening by Peter Duncan- Bookham

Wedding Reception - Aviator Hotel, Farnborough

Scouts Carols - Bookham, St. Nicholas Church

The kind people of the Mall, Camberley

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Sixth Charity - HCPT - The Pilgrimmage Trust - Group 26

hcpt logo and link to hq website

HCPT - The Pilgrimage Trust, was formed in 1956 when a young doctor, Michael Strode, took four children with disabilities to Lourdes.

From the outset he insisted that the children be treated just like other pilgrims, as distinguished guests in hotels rather than in the hospitals.

To see more about Group 26

click this link :



The holiday features visits to the Grotto, outings to local attractions or cafes and villages amidst the spectacular scenery of the French Pyrenees. Longer trips include visits to the beaches on the coast or high into the mountains.

The aim of the week is to give the young people in our care a safe, exciting and enjoyable holiday infused with the warmth and affection of caring friends.


From those four children and a caring doctor with a vision, the Trust grew. Now, over 50 years on, HCPT takes around 2,000 children between the ages of 5 and 18, with disabilities, or social, or emotional needs, on a holiday to Lourdes in the South of France.


The children come from all walks of life and may belong to any religious background or none at all. The children and helpers travel in small family groups (which HCPT Group 26 is one of), from all over the UK and Ireland as well as groups from Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, USA and the West Indies.


Thanks to all the generous people at the following organisations who helped to raise the money:

Caribbean Party- Imber Court, Molesey

40th Wedding Anniversary - Effingham

50th Birthday Party - Effingham

Street Party - Claygate

Leatherhead Christmas Festival

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